Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We envision a society where women are empowered, where they are free from violence and discrimination, and where they enjoy gender equality.

Our Mission

  1. To eliminate all forms of sexual abuse and sexual violence against girls and women in the Maldives.
  2. To protect and promote women’s rights as reflected in moderate and liberal interpretations of Islam.
  3. To promote measures that would make women self-reliant and empowered through policy dialogue with key stakeholders,.
  4. To support the work of like-minded civil society organizations and state institutions that work towards gender equality and equity.
  5. To encourage youth participation in protecting and promoting women’s human rights.
  6. To ensure that the commitments enshrined in the international and regional conventions to which the Maldives is a party, are fulfilled by the state authorities.
  7. To ensure that the services offered by the organization are provided without the use of incentives or disincentives of any kind and that no service is conditional upon the acceptance of another.