Third Women’s Forum

On the 3rd of October, Hope for Women hosted the third round of a series of women’s forums.  These forums are aimed at establishing a network of women leaders to discuss women’s rights issues.  The purpose of the forum is to establish a platform for these women leaders, who are active in various areas of the society, to sit together and share their thoughts on the challenges that Maldivian women face today, and to brainstorm means by which these challenges may be addressed.

At the third meeting, the key issues identified during the first meeting and second meeting were shared and participants were engaged in an in-depth discussion on ways to address these issues from the compiled a list of recommendations.

The discussion was based on the presence of gender discriminatory clauses in laws and regulations.  All participants in the forum discussed on the ground realities of today’s and the feasibility of how to put forward the amendments to the respective authorities that would lead enhance gender equity and equality. Responsible people were assigned to undertake  the implementation of these recommendations.

Future meetings will address the recommendations compiled at this second meeting, focusing specifically on making concrete and practical decisions regarding the implementation of these recommendations.

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