Scope of work

“The Maldives Study on Women’s Health and Life Experiences 2007”, the first ever research on the prevalence of violence against women in the Maldives revealed that 1 in 3 women aged 15-49 experienced some form of physical and/or sexual abuse during their life time. Against this background, and following consultations with groups of individuals concerned about increasing reports of child abuse and violence against women, Hope for Women was founded in 2010.

HOPE for Women was registered at the Ministry of Home Affairs on 19 January 2010 under Law No. 1/2003 (Associations Act).

HFW is an organization that stands firmly to end violence against women and girls, and to empower women to have equivalent status or respect in the society. We focus on empowering women in social, political and economic life of the society. To achieve this we create awareness on these issues through campaigns and workshops held throughout the country, targeting women and girls of all ages, social statuses and professions. We also work with stakeholders at policy level to build a dialogue and improve gender related national systems and programs.