Hope for Women Sponsors Participants to Attend Training Course in Bangalore


Hope for Women sponsored two individuals to attend the Gender Diversity and Social Transformation course hosted by the NGO Vishtar of Bangalore. This training was held in India from May 1st to May 30th.

The course aimed towards dealing with emerging issues and incorporating a gender and diversity perspective into the work of civil society and the state.Through this course, participants were given the opportunity to strengthen their understanding of the concepts of gender, diversity, and social transformation. They gained knowledge on the recent debates regarding gender, third gender, masculinity, women’s rights and empowerment, and also about the implications of issues such as globalization, disasters and conflicts on gender relations and women’s rights. Through this course, participants also gained insight into looking at policies of the government and UN agencies from a gender perspective. Finally, they gained an understanding on frameworks and strategies for gender mainstreaming.

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