Hope For Women Conducts Leadership Camp For Girls 2014

On 3rd January 2014 Hope for Women in collaboration with UNDP and Institute of Governance and Development (IGD) began the Leadership Camp for Girls (LCG) at the Institute of Governance and Development at Bandos Island Resort and Spa that concluded on 9th January 2014.

The 7 day long leadership camp came to an end on the 9th of January 2014, Thursday. Participants for the camp were selected through an open call for applications. Ideally, the target was to provide the opportunity for at least one girl from each atoll to participate in the camp, but communication and transportation challenges hindered in achieving a more nationally representative participation.

The focus of this camp is to train young women between ages 16 to 19 on gender equality and women’s human rights.The objectives of the camp are to build the participants’ understanding of gender equality, human rights, social justice, democracy and good governance and provide leadership training ;  and aspire them and to motivate them in setting and achieving their ambitions.

During the camp, the participants were provided with the basic training on project planning and implementation, to build their skills in organizing Social Action Projects (SAPs). Participants are developing SAPs which they can conduct within the communities. The purpose of the follow up SAPs is to give the participants the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained through the LCG and spread the best practices and lessons with the community. This will also help increase the girls’ confidence and inspire others to become active members of the community.

The aim of the LCG is to create a dynamic group of young women who are confident, empowered, socially competent and motivated to reach their true potential as future leaders. The LCG focused on making the participants more aware of their religious, political and legal rights.

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