Gender Sensitization Workshop At Laviyani Naifaru

A three day long gender sensitization workshop was held in Laviyani Niafaru from 10th  till 12th  December 2013 in Naifaru. The workshop was initiated by Naifaru Juvenile which was supported by Hope for Women, Ministry of Health and Gender in an effort to create awareness  in increase the participation of women and girls in the development of the country.  The three day workshop was funded and supported by SHE Core + Initiative, UNFPA and UN Women.

The session were designed to be very interactive and to maximize the  participation as possible,  character exercises,  small groups brainstorming,  presentations were held as well. All the activities and discussions were facilitating the process of exploring how preconceived notions of gender and sex can affect our gender relations, and the specific problems faced by Maldivian women, in an effort to uncover possible causes of gender issues in our society.

Gender sensitization workshop was attended by officials from the government institutes and civil society organizations. During the workshop topics, such as gender awareness, gender concepts, gender analysis, prevention and response to gender based violence, sexual and reproductive rights, girl child issues, international and national human rights framework and gender mainstreaming was covered by the 4  facilitators. Facilitation team includes trainers from the first and the second batch that concluded in during the first week of December 2013.

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