Family Legal Clinic

Family Legal Clinic (FLC) was initiated in August 2014 as a pro-bono legal service for men and women of all ages, seeking justice under  the Family Act and Domestic Violence Prevention Act of Maldives. The purpose of the project is to address prevalent social issues of high divorce rates and domestic violence in the Maldives and to promote public awareness on the mechanisms available for those who need it within the state institutions.

Currently, the areas of consultancy are marriage, divorce proceedings, child custody; maintenance and child support; and domestic violence. Services of FLC are not inclusive of filing claims, representing cases in court, drafting letters, notice or advice and handling direct mediation. However, guidance is provided and referrals are made to other organizations/individuals that provide those services.

The service is available every Wednesday, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

To register for a consultation, please contact us at 7456570 every working day between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. 

Significant Activities carried out by Family Legal Clinic:

  • Undertook the Project: Strengthening services of Family Legal Clinic, funded by the American Embassy in Colombo
  • Conducted a baseline study to understand public awareness on services provided for survivors of domestic violence
  • Initiated a project to create public awareness on Family Act and Domestic Violence Prevention Act, through social media and other institutions such as schools
  • In 2014, conducted a series of outreach activities on the occasion of 16 days of activism to raise public awareness on domestic violence and gender based violence
  • Published “Law Number 3/2012: Services Handbook” to promote awareness on the services available to prevention of domestic violence