Publications & Reports

To learn more about the rights of women and girls in Islam, download the collection of our publications and be the change you want to see in the society.

  • Check out Hope for Women’s recent publication, which addresses the rights of women from an Islamic perspective

Women’s Rights from an Islamic perspective 

  • Hope for Women has also recently translated three booklets originally written by the Sisters in Islam, a group of Malaysian women working to promote rights of women in Islam

Are Muslim Men Allowed to Beat Their Wives – 2014

Are Men and Women Equal Before Allah – 2014

Musawah Framework for Action


In 2012, the Maldivian government passed the Domestic Violence Act.  Educate yourself on the content of this act through this booklet produced by Hope for Women

DV Act Booklet


At the request of Hope for Women, the depiction of female and male roles in textbooks used in Maldivian schools was reviewed by Dr. Rasheeda Mohamed Didi.

Report on the roles of males and females-a text book review

*DISCLAIMER: This is a report based on the viewpoint of Dr. Rasheeda Mohamed Didi.


Maldives NGO Shadow Report to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, 2012 (the NGO shadow report to the 4th and 5th combined state report submitted in 2012)

CEDAW Shadow Report



Annual Report  2011 (Dhivehi)

Annual Report  2012 (Dhivehi)

Annual Report 2013 (Dhivehi)